Monday, May 7, 2012

Somalia is the site I used What I learned is that Somali is in a democide a "war" against the government. The residential areas are attacked without any discrimination one of the people said that he is going away for fear of his children's life. The African union is backing the government Against the Islamic militants. The same person as before has added that the city became a cemetery.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Videos pov link

First Person

Third Person Limited
Third Person Omniscient
Third Person Objective

Saturday, February 18, 2012

jug of silver two questions

question one
the role of the narrator is like of one of every story to tell the story but often it becomes biased so you need to choose a narrator wisely inrder for the viewer not to become suspicous of "lying"

question two
the author chose a young boy inorder to show unbias opinions and to show that its a "pure" child doing the story telling and not all lying in the way of an adult narrator.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the tests result five languages

my test results were
1.acts of service
2.quality time
3.words of affirmation
4.physical touch
5.recieving gifts
those werent the order i expected i thought it will turn something like this:
for some reason i feel like time is really important to me maybe because of my mom going to other countries or out of town althouh i do get to see her alot i still see her alot less compared to other people
2.physical touch
although i like giving physical touch to other people i hate it when im given one probably because in israel you dont just yell at people to scare them you also shake them which i never really understood but because of that i geuss i have conflicting feelings on physical touch.
3.acts of service
4.words of affirmation
i always felt that acts of service is important mainly has to do something cotradicting with words of affirmation sort of something like "dont just talk the talk walk the walk" anyone can say something but not everybody will pove it
5. recieving gifts
kind of like what i sid below i feel like gifts are pretty cheap and this might sound horrible but when i give gifts its arely because i actually want its mostly because i have to even when i feel nothing towrds the person thats how i think people think when they give me a gift although i now it isnt true i truelly think that they mean nothing because i mean nothing when i give gifts.

the site itself:

Friday, February 3, 2012

moses verse

in the bible god says to moses to biuld a holy place and among other colors of fine cloths and robes he mentions blue cloth hope thats okay. its in exodus 25:4